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Make skilled blue-collar work really attractive again

For a bright future, where we successfully tackle challenges like climate change & the energy transition, skilled blue-collar workers are the backbone of this transition. Millions of solar panels, wind turbines and EV chargers need to be installed. 85% of all buildings need to be refurbished (new energy system, heating, windows, roof, ...). This work is mainly done by skilled blue-collar workers from traditional apprenticeship jobs.


Without these skilled workers, we will not be able to hit our CO2 targets. Already we're facing a massive shortage of skilled blue-collar workers which will get worse over the next years. The older people are dropping out of the workforce, young people rather go to universities. Of course, skilled blue-collar work is not for everyone, but so is university. We need to showcase the awesome careers people can have in skilled blue-collar (we’ve seen 27 years old making over 100k Euro per year as electricians) and support the people in the current workforce to take the next step in their careers.

Our vision is to help these workers get the most out of their careers, attract new people to the workforce and help to make skilled blue-collar work really attractive.

Our Mission

Building the ultimate job platform for skilled blue-collar workers to maximise their careers

We help workers find the best jobs, discover new companies & industries, get further education and in the end be more fulfilled with their work. On the other side, we help attractive employers find these workers to fullfill their projects and grow.

Some people say what we’re building is like a great version of the digital “Arbeitsamt”. Some people say what we’re building is like the “LinkedIn for skilled blue-collar workers”. In summary, PowerUs is the single platform skilled blue-collar workers need to get the most out of their careers.



To make this possible we’ve brought together an enthusiastic team to shape the way of how we can help & better organize one of the most valuable resources we have - talented skilled blue-collar workers. Our team is remote first & headquarter is in Berlin, Mitte.